Where would a blog be without a links page?

So, without further ado, here are a list of other pages that we feel are worthy of note.  Discussion groups, contest sites, and writer/film-maker personal sites.

Discussion Groups

  • Done Deal Pro – A discussion site for the ‘big boys’ of screenwriting; including many working professionals who have been through the trenches of this difficult industry.
  • IndieTalk – a site dedicated to the production end of filmmaking – including directing, cinematography, gear and more.
  • Movie Poet – Another writer’s discussion board with a tight sense of community, and a place to showcase their work.
  • Scriptshadow – a screenwriting blog headed by Carson Reeves (aka Scriptshadow) and dedicated to reviewing industry scripts (with Fridays set aside for Amateur Review.)
  • Stage 32 – A great discussion group and community, complete with a lounge, articles, and job boards
  • Talentville – A screenwriting community, focused on making connections between producers and writers.

Writer’s Sites

  • TBD

Script and Film Festivals of Note

  • Austin Film Festival – A well-known film festival that has resulted in several spec sales.
  • Bluecat – Another reputable screenplay contest, established in 1998.  In addition to a shot at the grand prize, each submitted script receives insightful coverage/input from two contest readers.
  • MovieBytes – A great list of contests and available festivals; complete with reviews, descriptions and deadlines.
  • Nicholl – The grand-daddy of all screenplay contests, run by the folks who produce the Oscars
  • Page International Screenwriting Awards – A high quality contest that’s resulted in representation for several new writers

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