Congratulations to James Barron – Disposal Problems Optioned!!

Wow – when a great script meets a terrific Director…  sparks and magic simply fly!

Please join STS in congratulating the heck out of James Barron for his option of Disposal Problems to Director Paul Thompson.  Here’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Paul…


Since 2004, Paul has directed several short films, including Where the Wild Things Go, Doe and Quarantine, and music videos for Canadian artists including “Charge!!” for Charge of the Light Brigade, and “Let’s be Friends” for hip-hop artist Infinite. Commercials he’s produced have aired nationally. In addition to his creative projects, Paul is well known as one of the leading digital and HD technicians in Toronto’s feature film industry with credits ranging from indies such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch to Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Recently his short film “Quarantine” screened at the Mississauga Independent Film Festival in Ontario, the Zero Film Festival in Toronto, and the HyArt Film Festival at the historic HyArt Cinema in Wyoming. Paul’s pilot script for the zombie television series “Grave New World,” co-written with Luke Sneyd, won first place in the Page International Screenwriting Awards contest in 2006, as well as prizes from the Slamdance Teleplay Contest and the Cloud Creek People’s Pilot Competition. And his IMDB is available here: nm0860582/


Then there’s James himself, of course!  If Paul Thompson wants a piece of him – maybe you better check out James, too. Soon…

Prolific and versatile, James Barron can be reached at jbarron021 “AT” gmail.  His personal website is accessible at  And even more can be read via his page at Script Revolution, at this URL:



Calling All Cars… er, Potential Showcasers (Reviewers Needed!)

Here ye, here ye!

As an added benefit to STS’s recent partnership with Script Revolution, we’re officially on the lookout for some great STS Showcase reviewers… to be featured on both the STS Blog and the SR sites.

Here’s the Good, The Not-At-All-Bad, and the Very-Definitely-Not Ugly:

Who’s Needed: Reviewers – both new or veteran – who are enthused at the prospect of reading honestly good scripts, and putting together compelling reviews to help them get picked up and produced. (And coordinating with STS Editor in Chief J.E. Clarke to make sure that review is the absolute best it can be.)

What’s Needed: People who have a talent for writing polished, succinct showcases that grab potential readers by the, um, balls. Or get their attention in some other way. Reviewers who can take the essence of a script and boil it down into a summary that makes for an absolute, no-question must-read.

The Formula (no, we’re not talking Blake Snyder style here): Speaking of balls… here’s the nuts and bolts of what’s involved: During our exciting, twisty-turny three year run (thus far), we at STS have found that GOOD reviews all follow a common scriptwriting Three Act Structure. Thank you very muchly Mr. God-of-Screewriting Syd Field….

Act 1: Some sort of “hook” about the story, premise and/or characters that entices a reader to keep… well… reading on.

Act 2: A summary of the juicy and essential aspects of the script that make it truly stand out. Kind of like a teaser trailer. But with no spoilers, please!

Act 3: The sales pitch – inform the reader WHY it’s crucial they read this script, not to mention option and produce it post haste!

No – we don’t require you to love every aspect of a script – just that you honestly consider it worthy of prime time. And be prepared to dynamically tell the world exactly WHY.

The “Good: Every STS reviewer gets a by-line alongside the showcases they produce… in other words, exposure of their own.

The Not-At-All-Bad: While Reviewers are unpaid (hey, most of us have day jobs, folks!), here’s an unexpected but very welcome bonus. Keep reviewing, and you’ll quickly find the repeated act of reviewing polishes your own screenwriting skills. More quickly than you could expect, you’ll become better at distilling stories to their true essence… learning what works, what doesn’t.

The-Very-Definitely-Not Ugly: As a result of helping other writers “sell” their scripts, you’ll improve your own elevator pitch, as well!

Interested? We’re pretty sure you are.

If so, please head on over to Script Revolution, sign up as a free member and reach out to Founder/Administrator CJ Walley for possible reviewer status.

If you’ve got that reviewer touch – we sincerely hope you will. See you there!

Congratulations to James Barron: Options Galore!

Please join both STS and Script Revolution in congratulating writer James Barron for the double score of optioning shorts Compulsion and Deal of a Lifetime – both in the same week!

The honor of rendering Compulsion goes to Skylar Patternson. (IMDB listing here.)

And Deal of a Lifetime? That’s now in the capable hands of Jamal Curtis Jones (IMDB Listing here.)

And as long as we’re hard at work typing in links… make sure to visit James himself at his personal website: And see what else the cinematic bard has in store!

Script Revolution and Shootin’ the Shorts – Ready, Aim… FIRE!!!

To all STS fans, post-Halloween fiends and peeps – now is the time for all good writers to come to the aid of their craft. (Anyone who doesn’t get that historical reference: for shame!)

That is, TODAY is the day that Script Revolution ( officially partners with Shootin’ the Shorts. Our STS Blog will continue to exist and thrive – but now with a spectacular and growing site at its side.

Officially, all shorts uploaded on Script Revolution will have access to submitting to STS as well. You can *still* submit to us directly, of course… but why wouldn’t you go the Script Revolution route? That’s two writing platforms for the (free) price of one!

Following is a snippet of what the also-spectacular founder of Script Revolution – CJ Walley – had to say in yesterday’s SR Newsletter (which, when you’re a member, you’ll get as well.)

So – read up… and check ’em out. And we swear, we didn’t influence CJ’s words at all…!

Then check us out tomorrow for a brand new showcase, of course!


Shootin’ The Shorts Is Coming To Script Revolution

I’m absolutely psyched to announce this. Shootin’ The Shorts is an amazing blog that’s been showcasing short scripts for a few years now, and has built up such a strong reputation it helps get at least one script optioned a month. As someone who’s optioned short scripts in the past via this blog, I can certainly vouch for its effectiveness. It’s run by J.E Clarke, and when she approached me about a possible integration with Script Revolution, I jumped at the chance.

Now first things first. Shootin’ The Shorts will in no way affect how scripts are listed. Nor will it be claiming to feature the best scripts on Script Revolution. It’s an independent section which pulls material from the database and links back to script detail pages and writer bios. This isn’t reviewing either, it’s showcasing. Scripts that align with the readers are showcased in an entirely positive light and it’s up to filmmakers to decide if there are any changes needed.

The Shootin’ The Shorts page will be activated tomorrow and will contain many of their past reviews from the previous year. Users will also easily be able to submit their material by simply going to their short script pages, clicking on edit, scrolling down, and checking the “Submit to Shootin’ The Shorts” checkbox.

Announcing: the Latest and Greatest Resource for Scripts Ever! (Okay, in Addition to STS)

Folks and writers everywhere: STS is thrilled to announce their new partnership with Script Revolution (SR).

Already a terrific site, Script Revolution is the “holy grail” of what ALL dedicated Screenwriters clamor for: a free place to upload your scripts where they’ll be seen by directors and producers seeking their next project (and you keep all rights to your work, of course.)

Founded and managed by accomplished writer CJ Walley, Script Revolution is user friendly, and has the absolute best search engine for scripts on the web.

Think about it: no muss, no fuss – and no wading through scripts (shorts or features) that don’t match your criteria.

So – run over, check out SR and sign up today at

PS: And don’t neglect STS over here.  We’ll be charging forward with this Blog, AND syndicating with Script Revolution as well.


Got a one-location script? Wanna see it produced? Well then…step this way!

Here ye, here ye – STS is happy to broadcast a new golden opportunity for writers to see their one-location gems brought to the silver screen.

Gato Loco Films may have just what you’re looking for. Entitled the One Location Screenplay Festival, the genres are open – with a one to five page limitation.

The Grand Prize Winner will get their script produced… and submission fees are reasonably low (hey, us writers should be able to afford to eat and enter contests – right?!? )

Take a gander over at

Another plus –discerning volunteer judges are welcome as well! Contact them at gatolocofilms “AT” gmail if that’s your literary cup of tea!

Congratulations to Damien Michael Aulsberry – Family Business Filmed!

Tons of STS congratulations to writer Damien Michael Aulsberry, who is now celebrating the official Dublin shooting of his gritty and colorful crime short, Family Business.

Directed by the talented Oison Woods, the film brings together a great cast as well, including Bosco Hogan, Paul Ronan, Karl Shiels, Anthony Morris and Bern Deegan.

But fear not – if you’re a director who missed out, please be aware that Damien has more work available – including features, as well as shorts.  So hit him up – and get your “business” underway!

About the writer, Damien Michael Aulsberry: In Damien’s very personal words: “I write for therapeutic reasons. If I didn’t get all the mad shit out of me head, I’d be a lunatic…” What WE think is you’re a lunatic if you don’t give Damien’s work a read! That, and you can reach out to him directly at damien “AT” donovanprinting “DOT” com

Great news for writer Rick Hansberry! (Wasteland Premiere)

Please join STS in congratulating writer Rick Hansberry. Discovered through Simplyscripts/STS, Rick Hansberry recently partnered with Director Desiree Brajevich to provide magic writing touches on her new produced short, Wasteland.  Having premiered in April, Wasteland will soon be hitting the festivals and getting (we’re sure) lots of attention!

Other directors take note: Last Dance is still available for professional use, as are several more Rick-flavored scripts!

Cards (drama) –  A pair of copyrighters continue their career-long battle long after retirement.

Over the Lump (drama) – Objects in the mind’s mirror may appear larger than they are.

Freak (drama) – A simple wave and smile alters the life of a teenager.

By the Power Vested in Me (drama) – Will a power outage serve as a sign that a wedding shouldn’t happen?

Hello (drama) – Interesting what you can find in used bookstores – and often there’s a reason it’s there.

‘Til Death (Comedy) – A marital tiff erupts to epic proportions.

Burn the Ships (drama) – Life lessons alter the courses taken by a teacher and his student.

Taking the Reins (drama FEATURE) – A reckless equestrian struggles through personal and professional setbacks to try to make history as the youngest winner of the elite Rolex championship, but his destructive personality poses the biggest obstacle to claiming the title.

2) Rick’s SF feature length, Alienate, is now available for purchase!  Take a gander at the DVD review here!

Mitch Smith Scripts: Look out Sheriff, There’s a New Coverage Service in Town!

STS: When we premiered about 2.5 years ago, our mission was to create a platform: to give talented writers the exposure they need – and a high-profile platform to be heard. Built for writers – by writers. And we’ve been succeeding gang-busters, ever since! With our international readership growing everyday, STS regularly has the pleasure of hearing success stories from writers who have gotten their scripts optioned and produced… thanks to reviews that let them be seen.

And it should be firmly noted that the credit for that is two-fold. First: the writer’s talents and dedication (of course.) But there’s also the unsung heroes of STS – our committed volunteer guest reviewers who sacrifice time out of their day to help promote the work of writers they often don’t even know. Why? Love of the craft, and dedication to quality. That’s our goal – above all else.

In that spirit, STS would like to announce that one of our very prolific (articulate and insightful) reviewers has recently set out his shingle for more. Yes, he’ll still be gracing STS’s pages regularly – but also providing a new script notes service that we’re happy to tell you about. Sure, there’s tons of competition out there, but consider this: Mitch Smith has already proven his worth “in the trenches.” We’ve found he’s got an eye for talent, and story – so we strongly suggest you give him a shot!

Mitch Smith Scripts

Want to excite executives everywhere? Want to confidently pitch a script you know is ready for the big time? Look no further, because award winning screenwriter and STS reviewer Mitch Smith is opening his own script notes service! Cool, you say, another script notes service… yay… not. We get it, as a writer you’re constantly bombarded with services offering “professional” help and “detailed” notes. Never fear, Mitch Smith Scripts is not your typical notes service, it’s a collaborative effort in which we work hard with you, the writer, to make sure your scripts are the best that they can be and give you the tools and confidence to make a killing in Hollywood (not a literal killing, you’re gonna want to go to Home Depot for those tools).

What sets Mitch Smith Scripts apart from other script services is the variety of help that we provide and our guarantee that you will walk (or swivel in your chair, we are writers after all) away happy. But Mitch, how can you guarantee something like that? Great question. Here’s our great answer: Mitch Smith Scripts offers script editing, formatting and even phone consultations all of which are specifically geared toward being straightforward, no-nonsense and supportive! If that wasn’t enough, we also have pitch preparation coming soon!

At Mitch Smith Scripts we are dedicated to working with writers collaboratively to make sure that your scripts are ready for the big screen. Are you so excited that you’re ready to sign on the dotted line? Good decision. And it’s so easy to do. Just check out and choose the service that works best for you. Look out Hollywood, here we come!

Congratulations to Michael O’Farrell – Geoff Optioned!!

Please join STS in a round of applause to Michael O’Farrell – whose satirical comedy (and goofball gem) Geoff has now been optioned to Director Vivek Kolli.

Want to contact Michael and see what else he has available? Ring him up at Michael.ofarrell “AT” knology DOT net! Quick – before the next script gets away! 😛

About the writer: Michael O’Farrell is a mathematician who worked on the Space Shuttle Program and now writes fiction. Stories that obviously “add up” and get grabbed…