The film making business is a dog-eat-dog, highly competitive and often difficult to navigate field.

Anyone looking to break into the industry for any amount of time already knows the Catch 22.  It’s difficult to get noticed without an insider referral… but it’s impossible to get anyone to look at your material to get that referral in the first place…

Due to newly affordable technologies, and the wide-ranging marketing potential of the net, this does seem to be changing… at least for the opportunities in the indie market.  Slowly.  But it is changing.

In this environment, the best way to get noticed when you’re not one of the ‘big boys’ is simply to produce quality work… and then network like a dog to get it noticed.

But that in itself can be tricky.  Hooking up quality film-makers with good scripts (both essential parts of the puzzle) can be next to impossible.  There’s just too much out there, with too few filters to separate the good, from the bad and the ugly.

And that’s where this Blog steps in.

The goal of this specific site is simple.  We aim to provide others in the film making community a free filter and showcase for carefully selected short scripts that we believe are worthy of production (and yes, the occasional feature length as well.)  Although this Blog is affiliated with Simplyscripts, shorts by any writer is eligible.  The only criteria?  High quality writing and storytelling.

Over time, we hope to build a needed network (almost a match-making service) to hook up worthy writers with talented indie and up-and-coming filmmakers to get the good stuff made.  And perhaps… even add a few prizes and extras along the way.

–J.E. Clarke

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