Confiance – Short Script Review (Available for Production)


Preparing for the speech of his career, a young Bishop gets an unexpected call

Oh, the duplicitous lives we mortals sometimes lead. Growing up, we’re taught to aspire to conduct free from “sin”. Yet each of us is human, all the same. With urgings. Longings. Weaknesses. Needs. That’s a lot to contend with – for anyone. And how much worse must it be for those called to religious careers? And held to a far higher standard?

…Such it is with Tom Gray; the youngest Bishop ever in the Anglican Church. At the tender age of thirty-eight, he’s already made quite a mark. Hobnobbing with high-level officials, establishing parishes in far flung countries, like Kinshasha in the Congo.

Now, he’s about to take the biggest step of his career – a sermon at Westminster, standing at the Archbishop’s very side.

There’s just one teeny, tiny problem. A girl from his African parish, named Keicha. And their infant son, William.

Waking up late, Tom’s scrambling to prepare notes. Coordinating with his wife, Elizabeth.

Which is when Keisha calls, terrified. Men are trying to break into the parish. She and the baby are alone; Tom’s bodyguards no-where to be found. Keisha suggests calling the police – but Tom nixes that idea. Real quick. Involve the cops, and his secret life will be revealed to the world; destroying everything he’s worked so hard for. Then the Archbishop calls on the other line – anxious about Tom’s whereabouts. The press is gathering. Where the HELL is he??

A panicked Tom tells Keisha to escape with the baby through a tunnel beneath the vestry. It’s safer (and more discrete). Even if the cops did arrive on time, the local authorities are corrupt, and likely to be as bad as the thieves.

But is escape possible – for Tom OR Keisha? Because when one lives a double life, the truth often gets twisted. In evil, dangerous ways…

Smoothly written by Tony French, Confiance is perfect for directors specializing in thrillers. A cap to anyone’s video resume; a delicious, dark and twisted tale.

About the writer Tony French: I’m a freelance film and TV editor by day and budding screenwriting by night. I’ve been writing off and on now for around five years with three features and a couple of shorts to show for it. Although the features will never see the cold light of day as I don’t feel the writing was good enough. I then took a year off from work to live with friends in LA where I went on various short writing courses and during that time wrote a short animation which got into the semi-final of Bluecat Screenwriting competition in Hollywood. This has given me the motivation and belief to continue to learn and create more stories. I’ve also written another couple of shorts, Confiance being one of them, which I hope to find a manager/producer/production company willing to join forces and help get it made. Want to contact Tony about Confiance (or other work)? Reach him at tonydfrench “AT” gmail (

Pages: 13

Budget: Not expensive. One or two locations. A few terrific actors needed. 😛




All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.





One response to “Confiance – Short Script Review (Available for Production)

  1. Amazing tension!
    Nothing better than hanging on every word in a script, except watching it unfold onscreen and being captivated by the action.
    Well done. 🙂

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