Congratulations to Jason Allen – The Man From Everywhere Optioned!

Congratulations to Jason Allen! (Sigh). Agggggggain.

Yet another of Jason’s masterpieces has been optioned. This time, the happy winner is his short drama, The Man From Everywhere. And the other happy winner is New Haven, CT Director Robert Stone – the lucky guy who gets to shoot the piece… and take the sure-fire result to festivals.

And honestly? That’s not even all of Jason’s good news. Another sweet piece – entitled The Zombie Who Liked Fred Astaire – has also been taken off the market. (How’s that for a concept, folks? Yeah, we drooled when we read that, too.) No, STS didn’t review that one. But we’ll claim a little bit of credit for getting Jason the exposure that he earned-pretty-damned-well-on-his-own. (And which every new writer needs.)

So, Directors… If you want to be part of this ever-quicker-speeding freight train of success, check out a few more Jason Allen scripts.

It could be you we give a shout out to next!

The Painful Side of the Pillow – (Superhero comedy) – Pillow Girl is determined to fight to create a better society. But, evil is lurking in some very unexpected places…

The Putt Putt Preacher – (Mockumentary) – For Father Mahoney, it’s not just a game…it’s an act of God. And, a religious calling has never been funnier.

The Seashell (Comedy) – Don’t believe everything you hear. Even inside a seashell…

Madam Lucinda (Comedy)- A young man visits a psychic seeking knowledge about life. But are there hunchbacks, dungeons, transgenderism and werewolves in his future? And is that a bad – or a real good thing?

Jasper & Mimi Forever (Comedy) – The curious tale of Jasper and Mimi, two wild n’ crazy outcasts in love.

About the Writer: Jason K. Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. His screenwriting credits include the short films AMERICAN SOCK, which won Best Screenplay at the 2014 San Diego Film Awards, and AUTUMN LOVERS, winner of the Audience Award at the 2013 Artlightenment Festival in Nashville. He also wrote the feature film LUCKY FRITZ starring Julia Dietze (IRON SKY) and Corey Feldman. You can contact Jason at allen.jason.k (at) gmail. See IMDB for his complete credits:





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.




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